About Us

PYRAVET is one of the leading providers of pet supplements. Our products are clinically tested; vet approved and offer excellent immunity and cancer support. However, the benefits are not merely restricted to this. Our range of Probiotics, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals, and natural herbs are carefully selected to help your pet and support his health. Give your fur baby the happy tummy it deserves with our diarrhoea and digestive support; alongside a miraculous yet scientific breakthrough in the form of skin and allergy support. It is observed by the experts that pets help control depression, loneliness, hypertension and many other health hazards in humans. So, you don’t want to see their exuberant morale drooping down due to some undesirable and unforeseen ailment.

Our Products are FDA, ISO and GMP approved, so that when you choose our probiotics for dogs or enzymatic tooth gel, you can rest assured of its authenticity and effectiveness. Also, we cater to your feline buddy and his wellbeing through our probiotics for cats. Order now!

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