Immunity + Cancer Support For Dogs With EBC-46

The most effective natural product in fighting tumours and enhancing immunity with the new powerful EBC-46 ingredient .

The most effective natural product in reducing tumour recurrence and assisting your pet’s immunity system. 

PYRAVET 8 in 1 Ultimate Formula for Immune Support, Immune System Support, Protection for Dogs with Cancer and revitalisation Supplement with EBC-46, PSP/PSK, Antioxidants, Medicinal mushrooms, Probiotic, Prebiotic, Digestive enzymes and Vitamins. FDA/ISO Approved/ NATA Australia tested.




    What does Pyravet Immunity and cancer support help with?

    • HELP TO fight tumours and cancer cells – A unique blend of EBC-46 and four powerful mushrooms along with a concentrated white turmeric extract, and vitamins will boost Natural Killer (NK) and T-Helper cells that are essential for your pet’s long-term health. Pyravet will help the “good cells” do what they are designed to do and eliminate cell abnormalities.
    • Reduce recurrence after lump surgery: –  Added antioxidant, especial vitamins, and the specialised natural ingredient such EBC-46 assist the body to destroy cancerous cells, thus slowing down tumour cell to regrow
    • HELP TO REDUCE tumour and cancer side effects– Assist to reduce inflammation by Destroying harmful pathogens such as bacteria and viruses that cause inflammation and infection. According to various research studies, antioxidant supplements can make a difference in your pet’s cellular health and can contribute to a better quality of life, and even greater longevity. Just like in humans, antioxidants reduce the cellular ageing process.
    • ENHANCES GUT HEALTH: – PYRAVET formula is perfect to give to your pet after a course of antibiotics. PYRAVET Probiotics and prebiotics blend will help to restore good bacterial balance and restore gut’s health. PYRAVET will Provide your pet with their essential vitamins and minerals which may be imbalanced during various disorders. Pyravet will help to boost Your fur baby immune.
    • BACKED BY SCIENCE and GUARANTEED RESULTS – Our proprietary formula was designed by Formulation Scientists, Veterinarians, Biomolecular Scientists and other experts to be one of the best immune boosters on the market today. Our natural ingredients have been well-researched and used effectively for thousands of years around the world.
    • This powerful combination of EBC-46, mushrooms, PSP, antioxidants and probiotics have all what you pet needs to build and maintain strong immune system to fight against viruses, bacteria fungal infection and life-threatening cancers.
    • Pyravet formula contains all natural, proven scientific components that are known to fight against cancer and super boost your pet immune defence.
    • Pyravet will provide the convenience in one chewable tablet that combines all effective ingredients (8 in 1)
    • Our products are made according to highest standard (GMP, 100% FDA, ISO (US), NATA and TGA (Australia) approved and tested. We are 100% convinced of the quality of our product.
    • Duck flavour, Tasty and nutritious. You will find it easy to give your fur baby the chewable tablet as a treat. No GMO, corn, soy, or artificial colours.


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