Dog Probiotics

Get your furry friends wag their tails with sheer joy! Add Pyravet probiotics for dogs to their daily diet and see the difference. Our magical product is designed to regulate your dog’s gut health, reduce allergies, curtail paw-licking tendencies, and much more.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our products are formulated in fully licensed, “human-grade” facility however; they are not manufactured in Australia.

    Your order leaves our warehouse within 24 hours of order placement. We employ Australia Post for delivery, with standard shipping ideally taking 2-7 days. Choose Express Post for quicker delivery, generally within 1-2 days. Rest assured, a tracking number will be immediately emailed to you.

    Spread the powder over your dog’s food, seamlessly combining wet and dry options.

    Daily use differs according to your dog’s weight. Refer to the recommended feeding manual:

    • 5-10kg: 1/2 Scoop
    • 11-22kg: 1 Scoop
    • 23-44kg: 2 Scoops
    • 45kg and over: 3 Scoops

    This manual is conveniently printed on the pack for fast reference.

    Why Choose Us?




    Owned Company

    Vet Recommended For All Breeds & Ages

    Vet-recommended and entrusted by pet parents worldwide, Pyravet is a leading brand. Our probiotic for dogs Australia is excellently crafted to support the highest gut health, guaranteeing your dog’s happiness. It is safe for all breeds and ages and outperforms Australia’s pet health standards.

    Explain How Probiotics Support Digestive Health In Dogs & Cats

    Canine probiotics offer beneficial health effects to the host animal by modifying the gastrointestinal (GI) flora. The GI benefits for dogs and cats include:

    • Maintaining a balanced and wholesome gut microbiome.
    • Averting diarrhea.
    • Supervising small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and inflammatory bowel diseases.


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