Skin + Allergy Support For Dogs

PYRAVET Daily Healthy Tasty Treats for Dog’s allergy.

A unique formula of probiotics, prebiotics, Aloe vera, colostrum, vitamins, minerals, taurine and tested herbal remedy. Prebiotics provide a healthy environment for our specific choice of dog probiotics that contain specific animal strains. Specifically selected vitamins and minerals to support skin health. Using the combination of PyraVet skin+ Allergy Support ingredients will relieve the symptoms of Allergy, itchiness, skin redness and will improve your pet’s coat



    PyraVet Skin and Allergy Support For Dogs 

    PYRAVET Advantage

    • A unique combination between Eastern Asian herbal medicine and Western medicine. Formulated by veterinarian
      Reliable components tested by Australian government NATA
      US FDA and ISO certified ingredients and manufactured according to the highest GMP standards
    • Colostrum helps hydrate skin and restore a healthy pH, balancing the barrier and enriching skin with its immune-boosting nutrients. These nutrients can also help ease allergic reactions like eczema.
    • Contains specific animal strains probiotics (suitable for your pet)
      Contains specifically selected prebiotics that reduces infection and provides good media for probiotics.
    • Inulin helps to withdraw moisture from the environment into the skinand keeps it hydrated, preserve skin healthy appearance and helps to stabilize the skin’s microflora and strengthens its barrier function.
    • Aloe vera contains antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins. It has anti-inflammatory proprieties that help to soothe dry skin, reduce redness and calms down allergies.
    • Taurine helps to accelerate skin cell metabolism for faster regeneration and healing of damaged skin, which helps reduce redness and swelling.
    • Vitamins and minerals are added to compensate losses, and provide skin with nutrients it needs, giving skin healthy looking appearance
    • Asian herbal remedy that has been effectively used to alleviate symptoms of allergy, rashes and skin eczema for decades.

    PYRAVET will help to relieve symptoms of Allergy, skin irritation, itchiness, rashes, eczema and skin redness. Tasty duck flavour. Your pet will be begging you for more.


    • Take 1 dog supplement dog chew per 25 lbs ~ 10 kg of bodyweight. For best results use consistently for at least 4-6 weeks
    • We are taking care of your pet baby to Live Happier and Healthier.
    • All of our products are lab-verified, manufactured in a cGMP compliant, NASC facility. This means you are getting a product you can trust is good for your pet.

    Knowing that nutrition provides the foundation of good health, we use only premium quality ingredients. We, like our customers, lavish attention on our animals and understand first-hand the deep connection between pets and people. We accept no compromises when it comes to our loved ones-

    Why PyraVet Skin + Allergy Support For Dogs ?

    • PROVIDES skin and allergy support: Our unique combination of dog probiotics specific vitamins, colostrum, Asian herbal remedy will give comfort to dogs from allergy discomfort, itchiness, skin eczema, skin redness, and rashes.
    • VETERINARIAN FORMULATED – Our special, unique remedy combines the powerful western combination of (Prebiotics + Probiotics + Vitamins + Minerals) and (Eastern effective herbal remedy) to provide the maximum skin support for your dog.
    • Ingredients that carefully selected such as Aloe vera, inulin, colostrum, taurine that are specifically selected to counteract allergy symptoms and help the skin to regain its healthy conditions.
    • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Mouth-watering nutritious duck flavour that will have your dog begging for more! No GMO, corn, dairy, soy or artificial colours and ingredients.
    • REDUCES STRESS FOR YOUR PET: PYRAVET skin formula is perfect to give to your pet on a daily basis to help to reduce skin discomfort, itchiness due to either food allergy or contact allergy. PYRAVET will help to restore skin health. PYRAVET will Provide your pet with the nutrients and ingredients they need to have that healthy shiny coat they have.
    • PYRAVET PROMISE: SAFE, GENTLE, EFFECTIVE AND TASTY. The only dog probiotic in the market made according to high standard GMP and 100% FDA, ISO (US), NATA and TGA (Australia) approved and tested. We are 100% convinced of the quality of our product. Should you still be dissatisfied, you can exchange or refund the PYRAVET Supplement. Premium ingredients, stable formula and dozens of safety tests create our renowned high quality. Daily use will improve your pet’s quality of life – and yours too.
    • approximately 60 flavoured soft chews which will last your fur baby  enough time  for you to start see the change.

    Important information.

    Pyravet Skin + Allergy support  is not suitable to support or treat skin infections ( bacterial or viral), is not intended to treat fleas, lice or mange manifestations and not intended to support treatment of wounds or injuries.

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